The new professional ALL TERRAIN metal detector. The Detech Relic Striker
uses ultra low frequency 4.8 kHz. The best VLF detector ever made. Professional
treasure hunters appreciate a low frequency to more effectively reach for
low-lying relics, treasures and militaria.

In depth-first search comparison with detectors of other manufacturers, the
device also pointed to highly mineralized soils with large metal parts to its
enormous, superior penetration and performance. It was superior even PI-Pulse
Induction devices here. The detector is equipped with waterproof and
shock-resistant search coil and may be used at any temperature (with UV –
protection). Very stable operation.

Two-tone target identification. Low tone for ferrous metals, high tone for
ferrous metal. The ergonomic handle is adjustable, depending on the forearm of
the individual user. Genuine leather pads on the handle and the armrest give the
feeling of pleasant coolness, and limit the manual welding.

According to the manufacturer were in large metal objects under optimum
conditions, depending on the soil structure and object size with the search coil
Ø 18×15“ (38cm x 46cm), search depth up to 2 meters achieved.

All components of the detector are made of high quality materials. The
microprocessor-controlled device with the very best components will convince

Specifications and Features:
• Search Systems: VLF Motion and Non Motion
• Operating Frequency: 4.8 kHz
• 2-fold acoustic metal discrimination

• Discriminator metal discrimination adjustable, very good ferrous scrap
• Audio frequency: 250 Hz Low Tone, 550 Hz Simple Tone, 1100 Hz High Tone

• Deep search performance also adjustable via high and low
• Very stable even with electromagnetic interference
• Automatically detects the size and type of coil for proper operation
• Visual and audible battery check
• Sensitivity Control-depth search power adjustable
• Automatic or manual Ground Balance
• 1 x waterproof search coil SEF Ø 18×15” (38cm x 46cm) with protection
• Built-in Speaker and Headphone connection 3.5 mm jack
• Camouflage with black telescopic handle 3-fold divisible
• Operating time with 6 x 1.5 V batteries: Ca. 30 hours
• Weight: Approx 1,6 Kg

We deliver RELIC STRIKER with:
• 1 x search coil SEF Ø 38cm x 46cm
• 1 x search coil protector
• 6 batteries
• Charger with 6 x 2200 mAh battery

• English manual
• 2 Years guarantee

Additional information

Weight 4.00 kg


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