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Aka Sorex Pro

Professional , computerized , high-sensitivity , multi-frequency metal detector with original, patented , no analogue technology of space- harmonic filtering (SFT), which allows to significantly ...
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– User’s Guide. FEATURES New Coinmaster – with better software. Depth Reading as you hunt: Once you’ve detected a good target, the screen shows you ...

Coinmaster MEGA

– User’s Guide. Coinmaster -MEGA – includes 8″ base search coil and well known S.E.F. 38cm.x30cm. DD which is 30% deeper in high mineralized soils. ...

Deteknix Scuba Tector-60ì

Features: LED/Buzzer/Vibration Alert Li-Poly battery built inside shell For 60M/200f under salt water operation Ribbed and ergonomic body Easy to use two buttons control Lost ...
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This detector can attest that one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. The variable tone pinpoint system distinguishes between different metals, like nails, pennies, quarters ...

F5 11DD

NEW Fisher F5 with 11″ DD base search coil Metal Detector This detector can attest that one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. The variable ...
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F5 11DD MEGA 2 search coils

Fisher F5 11DD MEGA – 2 search coils – base one 28cm./11″/DD and additional 30cm.x25cm. DD SEF with free coil protector F5 with 30cm.x25cm. DD ...
550.00  450.00 

Garrett ACE 400i

Includes 22 x 28cm (8.5″ x 11″) DD PROformance™ submersible searchcoil (as shown) with 3 FREE Accessories*: Volume control Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones ACE ...
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The Garrett ATX is the ultimate multi-frequency detector for all terrains and extreme conditions (highly mineralized ground, saltwater, etc.). It features advanced pulse induction technology, ...
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